Personal // Instagram #4

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May has ended, so I thought it would be nice to a recap of what I've been up to on Instagram. You can follow me here or by searching for my username @Krizia_S.

The picture above was taken when I was on my way to see Lana Del Rey live in Brussels. She was absolutely perfect and her voice is flawless. Her performance was worth every single penny.

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Lol, not really, but my cousin gave me this shirt and I thought it was kinda funny.

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Italy... It felt so damn good to be back.

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Magazine shopping!

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What I was doing while my family was relaxing in the spa. So unfair. :D

 photo InstagramMei5_zpsb5d9fd5e.jpgPerfect dress by Eleven Paris. Loving the skull on the back.

 photo InstagramMei6_zps1bb3fb37.jpg
Customized All Stars I got in Italy. Love them!

 photo InstagramMei7_zps5fd823c8.jpg
This is what a sunset on the Maledives looks like. Too beautiful.

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 photo InstagramMei10_zps2643143f.jpg
My stunning cousin Chiara. I love her to death.

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I made this picture with the app Split Pic. Totally addicted!

 photo InstagramMei12_zpsf60f6a64.jpg
This has to be the cutest photo bomb ever!

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 photo InstagramMei14_zps6f795b2d.jpg
Oreo Cookie-milkshake! It's needless to say that it tastes damn good.

 photo InstagramMei15_zps0957120a.jpg
I went for messy hair yesterday and kinda loved it.


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