She Said His be styled. New Series

You asked, you Facebooked, you tweeted, you recommended. And we listened! We are starting a monthly series featuring His fashions - styled and photographed by me. Talk about a change of character He will be modeling and I will be behind the scenes. We hope you like this new approach and look forward to your feedback.

He Said:
Thanks to my great fashionista I was able to put this outfit together. At first glance I was not liking this outfit, but after I saw the photos, I really like it and would definitely wear it again. It’s comfortable, and not too serious, with a nice casual aspect to it. One compliant is my shoes are too loud, I feel like I sound like a woman when I walk, not good but they are a nice brown color. I like the jacket alone (not just a suit), it is not too heavy and I won’t get to hot wearing it.  
Shirt: H&M V-Neck (similar here)
Shoes:  Coach
Watch: Suunto

She Said:
He looks like he belongs at Harvard, with his brains and fashion sense. I love the linen blazer, it is crisp and fitted. He could wear it with slacks or as is, the denim though is my favorite. Just like women can throw on a blazer for a night out so can he. I love the cognac brown shoes he is wearing; they are sophisticated and something other than sport shoes.

Something Extra:
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This was a sponsored post, all opinions are my own. 


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