Grand Jct. Colorado Maxi

She Said:
Hi everyone, we made it to NE on our 22 hour drive through beautiful scenery and sometimes long legs in the car. Our first day went well and we stayed in downtown Grand Junction Colorado. It was a nice place to be, full of restaurants, art statues and history. Though we arrived really late it was nice to see the area. We walked around in the morning and took the outfit photos for today. This maxi dress is from H&M, I love the unique neckline and leather piping. Here are two similar styles affordable and pricy. It was really perfect for a 12 hour day in a car with the heat. My necklace is of California, gold dipped gifted by Dogeared Jewelry. I love the simple chain with the “Golden State” charm, fitting on a road trip. These sandals were a great find at Target a Nina Strap, tow toned with gold accents, so cute and classy. It was a great trip but I really am glad we made it safe and Hudson did so well, proud of the big guy. I have shared some extra photos so keep scrolling. 

He Said:
Wow, I am not all there as I am writing this right now, as most of you know we just finished the 22 hour drive to the Midwest. But I have to admit while sitting in that car driving; it was great seeing such a well dressed, beautiful women by my side. I love maxi dresses they always seem to look great no matter what pattern is on them. The scenery in the background is Grand Junction, Co. which is absolutely beautiful in itself, but believe me her maxi dresses look beautiful with just about any background. I am just lucky I have a woman in my life who will sit in a car for 22 hours, not to mention her make-up and hair are again flawless as usual.


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