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July has started, so it's time for an Instagram-recap of June. It seems that I was all into quotes last month, something I can get tons of inspiration from. Anyway, I'm not going to babble too much, don't they say a picture says more than a thousand words?

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I rescued this gorgeous crow that couldn't fly anymore. Or that's what I thought... It turns out he was just a baby crow that still had to learn how to fly. Nonetheless, I think I did the right thing to bring him to the animal shelter. You never know, right?

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Totally in love with this dress I got at Primark.

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Cross overload and wavy hair for a change.

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Strawberry Daiquiri with the girlfriends.

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Childhood trauma.

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Relaxing with a bunch of fashion magazines.

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Tiny skulls on my blouse.

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I did the laundry the other day... An important day in history according to my friend Dario.

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Gotta love the Kardashians.

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Can't wait to see Eminem perform at Pukkelpop this summer!

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Pomegranate Green Tea... Definitely one of my favorite drinks.

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Got a slightly different haircut. A friend of mine is studying to become a hairdresser and I helped her out by modeling for one of her exams.

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"Hey dad, why don't you take a picture of me and your future son-in-law?" Spotted Benicio Del Toro at the Prada-store in Roermond.

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A new band shirt to add to my collection. I got it at H&M for only 3 euros. Score!

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Myself, my dad and my sister.

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I'm hopelessly in love with my mom's Prada shoes. Too bad we don't have the same size.

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I got this huge package from Zalando. You can see what was inside it in the previous post.

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I totally love this quote by Betty White. Girl power!


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