Satin Trim Jbrand Shorts, from Marshalls?

She Said:
It is nearing the end of July, with great weather, sales and summer but hey it is Monday and we can still enjoy it! Being July I did find quite a few items I am obsessed with or got a nice deal on. Like these shorts today, they are the Abby Clean Shaped Satin trim shorts in Blue Bonnet by Jbrand Jeans, found at Marshalls for only $15.00! Believe me, I posted it on Instagram too, what a #fanfound. They form to my body, a beautiful color and fitting for summer! I decided to try this beautiful beaded long sleeve chiffon dress as a top. I just tucked it in my shorts, but I love the sleeves with the intricate detailing on the cuff. I went bold with my dark eyeliner and bold lipstick by MAC cosmetics in the color Hot Tahiti. My heels are by Zara, trendy and super comfortable; really glad I made this purchase! This patent leather envelope clutch is the icing on the cake; this was from Forever 21, with a gold latch. This is a little fall like for summer but I like the vibe and the shorts are still the center of attention. 
He Said:

When I first saw her in this outfit I thought those shorts belonged with a tank top and flip flops. But now after I am writing about it, it has kind of grown on me, I love this outfit. Her shorts look amazing next to all the black she is wearing. It’s hard to explain but it has this weird sexy appeal to it. The top and heels are cute but really the reason they even look half as good as they do is because of those short shorts. Overall, all this would be just another mundane outfit without the shorts, but the shorts are there and as much as I can’t stop talking about them, I can’t stop looking and thinking about them either.

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