How to Simplify your Coffee Table

She Said:
I love styling and decorating, they go hand in hand. I had a great coffee table before but we tried to turn a black finished Wal-mart table into a sexy high gloss bright white table, sadly we failed. So we did not have a coffee table for the longest time. You really never know how much you use it until it's gone! So he and I decided on the Z Gallerie that Palis table would be the one. I wanted something dramatic, sexy and would not show dust like our last one did. This is a mirrored table top with antique gold all around and shelf at the bottom (great for storage). So finally we managed to haul it up our stairs into our living room at about 9pm one evening. It looked grand and so over the top, I loved it! Now I just need to go through and organize all of the items we had in our last one so it won't look cluttered. Below are my tips, hope you enjoy!

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Simple, beautiful and fits so well with our plush rug from Costco.
 I love anything sparkly, so this candle holder from Z Gallerie is a perfect container for our 3 remotes. Always having a nice set of Everglade coasters, for wine nights and a delicious smelling candle from Bath and Body Works (three-wick are the best). Placed at the nearest corner so that you can reach what you need to, it is not blocking the TV and are lightweight to be moved when you clean.
 I love my HGTV magazines, need to keep these babies out for more inspiration. I placed them on the below shelf, this can get dusty so I kept it simple with only the ones I love reading. I throw away my magazines every 4 months or so and switch them out.
 A beautiful bouquet of fresh cut flowers from my Moms garden just makes this table so elegant. A clear vase with over-sized hydrangeas in purple make the table have a purpose and showcases double beauty with a mirrored top.
I love the outcome, it is simple and not cluttered. It took me a while to go through the items I did not need but I will invest in a side table to put the video controls and other books. I will keep you posted on what I find. Hope you liked this post. 


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