Window World by Karl Lagerfeld

I love Karl Lagerfeld's short movies.
When I heard Mr. Lagerfeld had created another one, I thought it would be the 
perfect moment to take a break from studying and see what 'his genius highness' 
had done this time.

The short movie features Magdalena Frackowiak, Barbara Dvorakova and, of course, 
Baptiste Giabiconi.
I love the mysterious atmosphere in the short film, and even more the 'horror movie-music'. 

I read some reactions about this short film, and a lot of people didn't appreciate it, 
saying it was irrelevant.
I, personally, like the short film. It has that something, even if I can't put my finger 
on what that something actually is.

What's your opinion?

P.S.: Seeing Baptiste Giabiconi makes me nostalgic about my trip to Paris a couple of 
months ago. I had the chance to meet him -- You can see the picture of our encounter HERE.

Enjoy the weekend, while you still can!

x Krizia


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