New In My Closet

Today, I wanted to sleep in, getting some rest after my last exam - but my mom 
persuaded me to go shopping in Maastricht. And boy, am I glad I went with her.

First thing I bought, is this Chanel 'Black Pearl'-nailpolish, which matches 
perfectly with my sister's necklace.

The second thing I bought... Well, see for yourself! :)

Can you believe I found these coveted Chloé-booties in a small store, in my size
for half the price? Me neither, so I had to take them with me. 
I can't wait to take some outfit-pictures wearing them, these pictures don't do 
them any justice at all.
To have an idea, you can have a look at Alix from The Cherry Blossom Girl below. 
What do you think?


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