Yesterday I went shopping at Düsseldorf with my mom, my sister and my brother-in-law. 
I've never been to Düsseldorf before, but I found it a very vibrant city with some 
amazing stores!

I finally got the chance to wear my Chloë-boots, but it wasn't a good idea to wear 
them on a shopping spree of several hours. I must admit my feet hurt by the end of 
the day. My bad.

I'll show you what I bought tomorrow.
Here are some random pictures.

x Krizia

Jacket: MANGO // Jeans: LEVIS // Shoes: CHLOË // Bag: CHANEL // Ring: YSL

I love my mom's Chanel-earrings. They're not too much, which I like.

We don't have any Starbucks around here (unless I drive for an hour), so every time 
I see one I freak out. :D

Totally addicted to sushi!


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