I've been spending the last 2 days in my PJ's, studying for my exams. 
Unfortunately, my PJ's aren't fashionable enough to make it to the blog. ;)
Tomorrow, I'm going out to dinner with my colleagues, which means I'll have to dress 
up a bit, so I hope I can take some outfit pictures...

I love watching pictures of the past, and seeing the changes I, and the people I love, 
have been through. We all have those embarrassing pictures of our teenage years, but 
I'll spare you those. ;)

I hope you can appreciate these kind of posts, even though I'll
do my best to post some more 'fashionable' pictures soon!

P.S.: The first picture is me on my 1st birthday. ;)

My first communion. As you can tell, I normally am a blonde. :)

Going from blonde to brunette.

One of the first outfits I ever posted here on Shark Attack.
The crocodile 'dress' is by Christopher Kane for Topshop.

An obviously unexpected picture during a school
trip to Oxford. To me, unexpected pictures are
usually the best. :)

I used to be a blackhead for a while. What do
you think? Hit or miss?

Me and Michel, a good friend of mine. And again,
another haircut. Too bad the bangs get terribly
annoying after a while.

At the beach on a school trip to Tunisia in 2006.

Guess who? :D

During a school trip to Oxford. I love animals and I always want
to pet them when I see one, doesn't matter where and when. :D

With my cousin at my sister's graduation party. 

With my dear friend Nadia on a school trip in Barcelona. We had
to talk about the Sagrada Familia. 


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