Memorial Day in Red

She Said:
We want to wish everyone a happy memorial day, enjoy your day off and remember those that died to serve our country.

So today I wanted a pop of red for the holiday! I recently found these cute frayed shorts from Forever 21, they almost look bright orange but they are a really vibrant red. Really loving frayed denim for this summer! I paired this with an animal print H&M top. It has pretty gold buttons in the front and fits tight in all the right places. I chose to wear a cross necklace and my gifted Dogeared California necklace for layering in gold. My heels are a simple choice, strappy beige heels from I had been looking for a pair for months and when I found these I knew they would be a staple in my shoe collection. I paired this with a gifted Posh Grid quilted purse, I love the color, style and chain strap for added glam. This look is sexy and fun for a Memorial Day, hope you wear some prideful colors to share your love. 

He Said:
This outfit is the perfect sexy, hot summer look. It has great colors and even better sex appeal. Her top is different and unique and it’s nice to see a top that doesn’t look just like ten others only in a different color. I absolutely love the shorts the color is great, they are short and really isn’t that all you need to make a great pair of shorts? The heels are just Ok but still attractive with the ankle strap. The bad news they are kind of boring as far as heels go just plain old beige with thin beige straps. If these are the outfits I have to look forward to this summer I am in for a great summer full of eye candy.


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