With a Hint of Lime

She Said:
Happy Friday, even though it was a short week it seemed, pretty long do  you agree? Today is in the 80’s!! I love California for this reason. I get to show off these amazing frayed and distressed denim shorts from Forever 21! Lots of stores sell great fitted shorts but F21 has a great selection, style and color. A light weight shirt is perfect with these spring shorts. I found this long sleeve one pocket at Old Navy for $5.00 plus a 20% off coupon in store. I also bought it in black, I mean FIVE DOLLARS for a long sleeve, could not pass it up. Tucked in front it makes this casual and throw a swimsuit under and I am ready for the beach. Also from Old Navy I found this straw fedora with a hint of lime in the ribbon band, for $6.00. I love the color and as you know in generally I adore all hats. My light grey clutch was a gift from Christmas, I added a clip on flower to make the purse more colorful. My heels are pretty old but they really remind me of a pin up style heel, with the peep toe and bow. Here is a similar pair from Nordstrom. Lastly, a Forever 21 key necklace that is the key to the ocean (just kidding) but is as sparkly as the ocean. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 
Wishing my BFF Darleen an amazing Birthday!! 

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He Said:

What a great summer outfit, she looks amazing today. I worship the shoes and I can write a novel about how much I love those shorts. As far as her shirt goes she really can wear anything and it would look just as good because of the rest of the outfit, minus the hat. Now, I normally like fedoras but this one just does not fit, and that’s mostly because of the neon stripe going across it. Why would someone add this? It just does not look right, like it doesn't fit. Other than her neon fedora this outfit gets 2 thumbs up.


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