Grapefruit with Lemon

She Said:
Happy Thursday everyone! I am sharing the look that I wore on Sunday. He and I decided to go out to a mimosa brunch in Hermosa Beach, it was sunny and a perfect day to do so. This dress is such a pretty color! It is from Bebe and the satin top with the flirty bottom is girlie, similar color here. I wore it with a swimsuit under, so it was an easy cover-up to put on. But I could dress it up with wedges for nighttime. I added my bow fedora from Forever 21, the black ribbon is a nice contrast and straw hats are always a favorite of mine. I added this Olivia and Joy purse from our swag bag at Lucky Fabb! The gold chain strap is well-designed and adds a pop of color that complements my grapefruit colored dress. This Avalon Crescent necklace from Stella and Dot is pure beauty, I love the shape and it stands out with a strapless dress. I added a few bracelets, like my infinity rhinestone one from Posh Grid. I straightened my hair and added a heavy shimmer to my cheeks. A simple gold t-sandal is all I needed to finish the look.

Let me create a lookbook just for you - click "Get Styled By Me" here: Chelsea Davis Stylist 

He Said:
Today is another outfit where I love everything that she is wearing, but nothing seems to flow or fit together well. The pink dress is great and looks great on her but why a yellow bag? And if that wasn't enough she is wearing a fedora. Now I normally like fedoras but when I am already seeing that things are not flowing it just adds to the mess - like in this situation. Today is an outfit where maybe just the dress and the bag would look good or just the dress and fedora would look good but when you combine all those things and add some sandals you are asking for disaster.

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