Thursday Friday Orange Tote

She Said:
I know it is only Tuesday but today is all about the bags! Today features a hint of orange. I am seriously crushing on orange accents, sandals, lipstick and bags this season. This amazing Together canvas tote in orange is by Thursday Friday. They have a great sense of humor by poking fun at the obsession with expensive goods and parody “It-bag” hysteria by creating democratically priced canvas totes that honor beautiful designs. It is true. This one I received from Jade at Lucky Fabb; she explained why these are so popular and now I see why! I chose an orange bag, because it caught my eye and I adore this style of tote. I paired this with a drop necklace from Francesca’s with orange beads and rhinestones these two are beautiful as well chunky and classy. I added this simple black dress, with a zipper top and open tie back from Tobi. I thought I would add one more piece of orange/coral in my earrings from Forever 21; they have a hint of bronze but go well with the necklace. Lastly a contrasting color for my feet, aqua, which creates a nice pallet for today’s look. These sandals with gold combination are similar to the Archer by Dolce Vita. So it's Tuesday and go grab a Thursday Friday tote, show me which one you fall in love with on FB.

He Said:
This outfit has too many WTF’s and items that are not paired well for me to get excited. I will start with the dress, I like this dress; it is a basic black dress. But then my eyes go down and see these bright sandals. The sandals do nothing for me; they remind me of ancient Greek shoes. The fact that they are super bright blue does not help either. Now WTF is up with this bag, I could see a high school girl with this bag but not a grown woman. It looks very inexpensive. My biggest word of advice with this outfit is lose the bag; maybe just buy the real bag not a piece of fabric with a bag printed on it.

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Love & Loyally, JMG


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