Friday in Black and Cognac

She Said:
So black pretty much goes with any color in the world, right! A perfect combining color with black is a rich taupe or cognac color. I love how sophisticated this looks; it is a comfortable dressy outfit and perfect for a winery or shopping trip. This sheer blouse is from Forever 21 years ago, I like that it has ruffles, which I know he is not a fan of. But I like the way I can easily pair this with a skinny or chunky belt if I want. Today I did, with a thick brown wicker belt for an added summer touch. I paired it with a super soft pair of black shorts from Rich and Skinny Jeans. They are a great fit and will work year round in California. My main attraction were these Target Mossimo sandals I found for only $22.99 om sale online though. A steal and I really like the intricate detailing. They really pull together this whole look. My purse is the Speedy 25; it has a few brown tones and a whole lot of pretty to go with this look on this beautiful Friday! I curled my hair and pulled it half up and half down, it is a little windy but at least it stays out of my face. Wishing everyone a wonderful Holiday weekend!

He Said:
Finally an outfit I can truly say that I love. It has been a long week of mostly disappointing outfits but she totally redeemed herself with today’s outfit. I like the flow of her top it goes great with the shorts, and the browns of the bag and belt just look perfect. I love the shape of the bag; I can almost imagine seeing a little dog riding along in that bag, that’s really cute. Even though I am rarely a fan of flats they don’t even look that bad here. Thank goodness she pulled this outfit together at the last minute because it was looking like it was shaping up to be a not so good week.


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