She Said His be styled. New Series.

You asked, you Facebooked, you tweeted, you recommended. And we listened! We are starting a monthly series featuring His fashions - styled and photographed by me. Talk about a change of character He will be modeling and I will be behind the scenes. We hope you like this new approach and look forward to your feedback.

He Said:
Today’s outfit was mostly items that I put together myself and of course a little help from her. When I get dressed it depicts how my mood is, if I am in a good mood then I feel like I look good, most people I think would agree with this philosophy. It is a good day today, it’s one of those days where I have nothing really that significant to do but I want to look important doing it. I like what I am wearing here because it combines the best of the two largest worlds of men’s fashion, casual and “suit + tie”. This outfit is great because you’re never over or under dressed for anything, and being one of those is terrifying to men. I love the sneakers and almost any shoe would work as long as it is clean. The jeans are something I wear all the time anyways so the physical and mental comfort levels are there with these jeans. I dress it up with the shirt and skinny tie then semi bring it back down with the pin striped jacket. I love this look and I hope you all do as well.
Jacket: Hurley similar here
Shirt: Forever 21
Skinny Tie: Express
Shoes: Nike

She Said:
I really like how the jacket tones down the look, he still looks immaculate. The dark denim with black always is appealing to me. I like clean shoes and these Nikes are black with lime green as a trendy touch, they mix well with this whole look. I like when he wears skinny ties, black especially! He looks handsome and ready to take me on a date!

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