VV Brown's Secret Gig

VV Brown held a secret gig to showcase her new material and I was fortunate enough to go to the intimate gig that took place in Kingsland Road, London.  

After taking a break from the music scene to set up her own e-commerce site VV Vintage, which helps showcase emerging designers creations, VV Brown is back with a new distinctive sound that is set to take the industry by storm. Working under her own label, YOY Records, VV Brown previewed her new sound to a crowd of just over 100 people (like I said it was an intimate gig). 

VV Brown came on stage with her backup band, dressed all in white and I have to say she looked angelic. The singer kicked off the one hour gig by performing a number of new tracks from her upcoming album that included her upcoming single Samson, which is set to release in July. We also  were treated to a performance of her 2009 hit Shark in the Water, which sounded amazing live. It was great to hear VV's soulful and seductive voice live.

Everything on her new album is amazing and I am not just saying that. One track that stood out to me was Faith, which VV performed for us twice which I was not complaining about because it was a really chilled out, cool track. You can check out a video I took of VV Brown performing part of Faith below. Unfortunately the quality hasn't come out that great, I had to compress the video to upload it to blogspot. 

The stage set up has to be mentioned because it added to the atmosphere. It was a simple yet effective set up that was extremely thought about. The lighting that was behind VV and her backup band would come on exactly at the right point of a track adding to the mellow atmosphere. 

VV ended the gig by practically floating off the stage as Bullet played in the background. It was recently played on Radio 1 and is an up tempo track by All About She that features her seductive vocals. This is her first release in two years and you can listen to the track here. I certainly think this is going to be a club hit this summer, I for one cannot get enough of it.  

Check out some pictures I took of VV Brown performing below. Check out her outfit, isn't it fab - I would so wear that! 

Overall I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the gig and I love her new darker, electronic sound which you can tell she has enjoyed making. I cannot wait for her album to release - it is certainly set to be a hit for 2013.  


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