A Tad Electrifying

She Said:

Sometimes I just need to be bold, daring and bright. It is just that kind of day. I like dressing up. It makes me feel good and I am more confident throughout my day if I feel amazing in what I am wearing. Like today, in a neon hot pink lace blouse from H&M. It makes this outfit. Period! The rest of my ensemble is pretty neutral but still sophisticated. This beige blazer is so easy to throw on. It keeps me warm while being stylish. Forever 21 has a great choice of blazers and this is no exception. This skirt is a few years old from Guess. It is short, sweet and black. Everyone needs a chic skirt. Remember these heels from Wednesday’s post? They are so my IT shoe right now! Look how the gold metallic shines in the sun, so pretty. And the chunkier  the heel the better. This beautiful clutch was a gift from Lucky Fabb. It is from the Mister Collection by D’Andrea. She named all her bags after ex’s, genius! This leather clutch is called the Player; it is the perfect accessory and I really cannot get enough of her collection! She is very sweet in person too! Big hair today, a little windy but with a pop of color, 70’s vibe and my Player clutch I am all set to go out Friday night! Happy TGIF Fashionistas. 

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He Said:

I love this color on her, I think it has to do with her blond hair or maybe it’s how she pair it with black and tan. Whichever one, it is it looks great. Speaking of her hair, I like the sexy hair look but this is more on the side of I just woke up look. Normally I love her hair but today it is a little too on the messy side for my taste. The black skirt is very cute and almost nonexistent with the length of her top, and her jacket looks sexy with the ¾ sleeves. But I cannot take my eyes off her heels; these heels are the single sexiest item she has on.

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