So Dior...

Yesterday myself and fellow blogger Nina, headed over to Harrods to check out the Dior Exhibition, So Dior, and it was a treat and a half. 

Harrods has gone full out for the exhibition, as expected, and as you enter the fourth floor you are greeted by a giant dollhouse in the form of 30 Avenue Montaigne (the Paris headquarters), and from that moment onwards it just gets better and better. 

30 Avenue Montaigne
Like I said as you enter the exhibition you are greeted by this amazing dollhouse of the Dior Paris headquarters. Each window is filled with a Dior perfume in a different set up. It is so adorable, check out some pictures I took below. 

Toile it up
Anyone who has studied fashion design will know about toiling. For those who don't it's basically making up your desired design in a calico type fabric so you can see what it looks like and how it fits on a model. The exhibition featured toiles of some of the popular Dior creations. I have to say these toiles were impeccable, you could most probably dye them and wear them. Puts my toiling to shame. 

I have always been a fan of the 1947 Dior New Look collection so it was fab to see the toile of it! 

I loved the mini mannequins that featured mini versions of plenty of Dior's creations. So nice. 

J'adore Perfume 
You may recognise the dresses below, they are the ones Charlize Theron wore in the J'adore Dior perfume adverts below. The dresses were in their own section surrounded by plenty of J'adore bottles. Very nice to see them in reality. 

The rest of the exhibition featured life size chair's, handbags and a cool phone box, as well as a variety of Dior perfume bottles throughout their history. Check out some of the pictures below. 

I loved this giant chair - so cool! 

That's blogger Nina in the Dior phone box which smelt so nice. When you entered it sprayed the phone box with Dior perfume. Lush or what! 

I loved this perfume bottle and casing, how cool. 

This Dior dress was worn by Audrey Hepburn. It was interesting to see just how petite she was.

This dress is from the latest Miss Dior advert, it had it's own room that featured the advert playing across the screens. 

Dior handbags
The next room was dedicated to the famous Dior bag. There were windows that featured a variety of unusual Dior bag designs, made from creative fabrics, which can be seen below. 

This was my favourite one. 

 Loved the life size Dior bag. As with the chair it was playing a film. 

You could even see the details as to how a Dior handbag is constructed...well the pattern. 

The End...
The exhibition ended with a quote from Christian Dior - I am a sucker for quotes so of course I had to take a picture.

I also had to take a picture of the lifts that said So Dior on them, loved it! 

If you haven't been to see the exhibition I highly recommend you do so, but be quick because it only runs until April 14th 2013. A must for this weekend!

So Stylista's have any of you checked out the Dior exhibition out? If so leave your comments below!


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