Shark Attack Loves... // Balenciaga Golden Branch Tiara

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I came down with a fever and a throat infection, forcing me to stay in bed / on the couch for the past 2 days. With too much time and too little things to do, I decided to go on a research on my wish list items. Meaning: Googling pictures, drooling all over them, looking up stores and prices...

The same went for the Balenciaga headbands, famous from their S/S '13-runway show and probably my favorite pieces from the entire collection. I knew they had to be in stores by now, 'cause I'd already seen one of my favorite bloggers, Evangelie, wear one. So I quickly went on the hunt for the Golden Branch-version, as seen in the pictures above and below. I love history, I love mythology and this headband reminds me of Pan, the Greek god of the woods. 

Already imagining the possibilities, I went looking for the price tag that comes with this beauty. It's Balenciaga, so it can't be cheap... But I never ever expected it to be a whopping € 1,385 ($ 1,815) when I stumbled upon it. Buying it won't be an option any time soon and even if it was, I'd rather buy myself a new Balenciaga bag.

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So, I kept on searching and found the simple version on Balenciaga. More simple, and therefor more subtle and more wearable. Cheaper, too. And sold out, of course. What do you guys think? Hit or miss? I have a feeling that these will stay on my wish list just a little bit longer.

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