Citrus and Leopard Print

She Said:
Adding a little color can go a long way toward sprucing up an outfit. This is a summer look, but the colors are pretty dark blacks, browns and tans. What better way than a purse to brighten up a summer look? This beautiful yellow Olivia and Joy Cassidy shoulder purse is such an eye catcher. I love the size of it and its shape and rim detail. It was a part of the Lucky Fabb gift bag, which makes it extra special. I have wanted to show off these leopard frayed shorts that were a steal at Marshalls, as I found recently. I liked the distressing and for under $14.00 they were in my hands! Here is an expensive choice from Nordstrom and an inexpensive option from  A black peplum shirt always makes an outfit girlie, almost exact from Express here. I wanted a summer floppy hat and this one from Forever 21 was perfect. It was on sale. Loving this option with stripes! A few added bracelets, a black square with gold details and a rhinestone round chain bracelet adds just enough sparkle. My sandals are by Vera Wang, purchased this on sale I believe around Christmas. They are so cute but tend to rub too much on my heel! These sandals are also cute; she is such a great designer. Just adding a pop of one bright color really changes the outlook of this look. It is perfect for a spring/summer day! Wishing everyone a fashionable Thursday! 

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He Said:
This has to be the only outfit I can say is cute, weird and sophisticated - all at the same time. All the pieces she is wearing individually look great but they were never meant to be together. The shoes are just OK and the shorts are hot, but in a weird way. I like that they are short but why do they have to be animal print? I love everything about her top; I just wish she would not have ruined it for me by wearing it with the weird/hot shorts. And then there is her hat, I am not sure where the heck this came from. When she added this hat I was at a loss for words. Her bag falls into a similar category to her hat. I get that it’s a pop of color, but that’s it. This outfit looks like she took one item from three different outfits and threw them together to make this. Now after all that criticism, there is some kind of weird charm that actually draws me in to this outfit. I can’t stop looking at her and I am still trying to figure out if it’s good or bad. 

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