Denim Obsession

She Said:
What a fun filled Lucky Fabb event and weekend, now we will resume with our daily outfits of the day, I know you missed us! Today’s look is the ultimate casual meets comfort but elegant enough to be worn to dinner or a night on the town in New York or LA. I love how a great pair of wide leg jeans make me instantly feel elongated. These are from Forever 21, inexpensive and just as chic as my Jbrands! I added a draped military green tank from Arden B, the plain color but dramatic lines are sleek. I added this chambray top with rolled up sleeves as a light jacket. This is from Forever 21 as well. I added my Bombe Tory Burch bag, with a logo embossed on the front. This whole look is trouble-free, easy to put together and probably pieces you already have in your closet, be sure to try this look out! Show me how it turns out on Twitter or Instagram. 

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He Said:
I like this outfit because it is a good example of how a relaxed style can be very sexy. I like how her white pants make her legs look longer and that matched with her denim jacket just has a great classic look. The black bag is the perfect accessory for an outfit like this, and the gold watch is a nice touch on her wrist, I only have one very small complaint. One of the largest weapons a woman carries in her arsenal aka closet is her shoes. The shoes can make a bad outfit look great and vice versa. The only problem is I can’t see her shoes and feel like if I could this outfit would be perfect. She should showcase those shoes. 

Helene in Between

Love & Loyally, JMG


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