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She Said:

Happy Monday everyone! The weather was so ugly this past weekend, it made me lazy and unmotivated, other than cleaning our place. I wanted to share with you the jewelry goodies I received at Lucky Fabb. I know I did a recap but I wanted you to see in detail how amazing the jewelry was! By the end let me know which is your favorite! There were amazing people there from Julie Vos herself gifting items, Just Fab giving us a necklace, and the rest came in our swag bag we took home. I will be wearing these with my looks for the week, so keep a look out every day for a new piece being featured. 

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He Said:

When she first told me how much it was to go to this lucky fab thing I was thinking this is crazy, the fee was so high to get in it’s not worth it, but then I saw what she brought back. The bag she had when she came home was amazing it was so big and full of stuff I could see her actually buying it all. It literally blew me away. Almost all the jewelry I saw, I knew would look beautiful on her and I am so proud of her meeting new people and connecting in ways that will make her flourish in life and our blog. All the necklaces and other items she received are top notch items and I cannot wait to see them in the outfits to come.

 Julie Vos and her amazing team were at Lucky Fabb and we got to choose an item of our choice. It was hard to decide! I picked out this beautiful chunky Geneva Necklace, I had been looking for one similar, what a great match. Julie herself placed this multi blue colored cuff on my wrist and spotted these emerald green Grande Chandelier earrings all great pieces for different looks. The were more than generous, I look forward to seeing more collection pieces. They have offered my readers a promo code! See below.

 The bracelet on the left is from Wonderlust + Co. and the skull leather bracelet is from Shop Jami who make great bracelets too. 
 How beautiful are these earrings from Lavishy, they are so nice to provide both colors in two different styles. These are great for dressing up or throwing with a casual dress.
 Just Fab is known for there shoes and bags, but little did I know did they have cute jewelry too! Love this trendy black and gold necklace, perfect for a plain white tee.

 Dogeared Jewelry is my new love! These amazing pieces are sold everywhere like Nordstroms and on there website, such as this Life Is Beautiful hummingbird. They have so many charms to choose from, it is hard to chose one, so go ahead and layer them!

I really like these earrings by Viento NYC. Love the antique nickle with the bronze rhinestones. These will look edgy with a leather jacket and flare jeans.

Here are a few promo codes for my readers!!! Hope you too find something pretty and share a photo on my facebook page if you do!! 

Julie Vos Promo Code: VOS15 for 15% off!! 

Shop Jami Promo Code: FF35 for 35% off  your entire purchase! Thru until June 1, 2013.

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