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Oops, I did it again ... After already owning high black Converse - worn them to death, they even have holes in them -, a pair of Converse with the American Flag print ànd a pair of customized Converse sneakers, I realized that there was still one crucial pair missing: the low Converse sneakers. I find them more feminine than the high ones and since I'm a lady ... I decided to get them. I was doubting between the black and the blue ones, but you know me ... I have a soft spot for black. They're a size 39 and even though a 38,5 would've been better (sold out, sniff) they still fit me well. I don't have a problem buying shoes that are a bit too small - beauty before comfort, right? - so who cares if they're a bit too big? I know, I'm totally making up excuses to justify this purchase, but Converse sneakers are classics and you can never have too many classics, right? 

Anywaysss, I can't wait to start wearing them with a pair of shorts, with my leather trousers or with a cute, girly dress. I've spotted some bloggers with low Converse sneakers as well, so if you click below, you can find my top 3. :)

What's your opinion on Converse sneakers?
Do you find them classics, like me, or do you find them boring, cliché and just a bit too old school to wear them nowadays? 

x Krizia


P.S.: Als jullie een € 100 voucher, een persoonlijk shopping tripje én lunch met mij tijdens de Magnum City Hunt in Hasselt willen winnen, doe dan zeker hier mee!

That's me! I guess I already was a Converse fan at the age of 4. Sorry for the crappy quality. Blame it on the scanner. ;)

The gorgeous Elin from Style By Kling.
This picture just breathes rock 'n roll. I absolutely love it!

Yara from This Chick's Got Style.
Who ever said that you can't look casual, yet still unbelievably cool, at the same time?

My dear friend Valerie from Mirror Of Fashion.
Has declared her love for Converse sneakers more than once and owns 'a couple' of pairs. Even though I have these ones in high, the low ones are much cooler. Valerie did a super awesome inspirational post on Converse sneakers a while ago, you should definitely check it out here.


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