When You Just want to Dress Comfortably

She Said:

With fashion sometimes we can be uncomfortable just to fit in the right heels, or classy in that amazing skirt even though you may not be able to breathe. Well today I can be comfortable and stylish. I gravitate toward jeans but I just came across these amazing slouchy pants from Marshalls. They can be worn as pants or even cropped like I show today, versatile and comfort, yes please! I have another pair but these are the best slouchy pants I own, in all black and a satin material that blends with anything. I picked a loose military green Arden B top; it has a cowl neck with a long front. I like the mixture and it is casually stylish. I dressed it up with a pair of DSW Dolce Vita heels, playful and strappy; here is a similar pair from 6pm.com. I added my amazing tassel necklace in some multi metals byStella and Dot, it looks like it is a part of the blouse because it is so chunky and fabulous. I had to pair this outfit with my extra large tote by Phillip Lim for Target, the over size and brushed nickel hardware goes with the necklace. I added a cream colored cuff and a sphere stud earrings to top it off. Wishing everyone a wonderful Wednesday!

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He Said:

I love everything about today’s outfit, the colors the style you name it she looks amazing. The heels are ridiculously sexy, but let me work up to her pants. These pants I have never seen on her before, and I hope I get to see a lot more of them and pants like them because they have this great attractive, tough look that works perfectly with her top. The olive green in her top is the best color to go with these pants. The bag is huge which is ok, not my favorite bag but it works here. This outfit just has this strong but uniform feel to it and I love it, it just pulls me in and makes me want to be close and initiate a conversation with her.

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