Red Full Skirt Dress

She Said:

Today is hump day, wishing everyone a great midweek. I wanted to share my find at Marshalls recently. I was given a $25.00 gift card for #ProjectFab to buy anything I wanted. I really focused on something different I did not own, that was outside of my normal clothing item choice. I found this AMAZING geometric printed dress in a full skirt, high neckline in a bold stand out red. Here are three options from Nordstrom fun, red and classy. I love the fit and it pulls in my waist, which I really like. I added an amazing pair of lace heels from Shoedazzle, I had wanted these from Shoemint Romy but they were sold out, loving mine though! They are sexy and easy to put on. I also used my clutch courtesy of Marshalls, with detailed bead work in black and white; it really stands out and loving all of the geometric shapes occurring with my look! My earrings are from Forever 21, a long drop cluster of rhinestones, dramatic and sexy. Lastly, I created a light smoky eye, with a soft pink almost nude lip. Be daring in the middle of the week, try out a cute fun dress in your wardrobe!

He Said:

Right away I think this outfit has a major bad girl vibe to it and who doesn’t like a bad girl.  The dress fits her perfectly, I absolutely love it, I love the colors, the pattern and especially the fit. Then there are the heels, these heels are ridiculous. They have this sexy greek/dominatrix feel, they have got to be in the top 5 for hottest heels I have ever seen on her. Forget the clutch and anything else she has on, I never even saw them and never will when you’re wearing a dress and heel combo like this. She looks so good in today’s outfit I am borderline speechless.

This was a sponsored post by Marshalls in regards to the gift card. All opinions are my own

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