Jumping Suit

She Said:
I have always been a fan of jumpsuits and rompers. Therefore when I see a nice one, for a good price I dive right in. Forever 21 can be a hit or miss, but recently more of a hit! I found this Jumpsuit online during Memorial Day and also had a coupon for 10% off. This ornate print is what drew me in, I love the colors and it is great for a summer outing or dinner. So because the print is loud and you can’t really layer I kept my accessories minimal. My necklace is vintage from my Mamajean she always looked so put together, I used it as a bracelet wrapped around my thumb, I like the look. My Tory Burch clutch is a cream color so it tones down the print but glams it up a bit. I kept my hair pin straight and makeup dramatic with a light colored lipstick and gloss from MAC. My wedges are open toe in cobalt blue and black two-tone from Charlotte Russe, these two options are great here and here. Wishing everyone a great Wednesday! 

He Said:
I never noticed how long her legs are, until now! That’s the beauty of today’s outfit; her legs look so incredible long in this jumper and who doesn’t love long legs. But not only does it give the illusion of her long legged I really like the pattern and the way her belt adds some separation. She is wearing some very hot heels and great bracelet to match. This is not the sexist jumper I have seen, mainly because of the old looking pattern.  Yet, never less it still looks amazing on her and the collared top part stands out as well. 

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