Printed Black and White Jumpsuit

She Said:
I like my jumpsuit; it is a great relaxing Wednesday outfit, still getting over this cold! The print is what I love; the black and white floral design jumpsuit can go with any color shoes or jacket. I chose a black wide belt from a different top that is stretchy and has patent leather accents. It creates a separation between the top and bottom but it is still consistent. I feel carefree and chic today; jumpsuits are a great way to use any belts you have that you have not worn in a while. I picked a cobalt blue jacket last seen here, I love the loose feel and bold color that makes this outfit put together. I added my bib black and gold necklace from Forever 21. I knew boots, heels or flats wouldn’t go with my jumper, yet, wedges it was. These urban behavior dark brown wedges were a winner. I love the wicker sole and leather straps, uber comfortable. I feel I could wear this for an interview or business meeting if need be; something other than a typical suit. I wore a quilted black chain tote, it holds everything and looks well-dressed too! Bright pink lipstick Saint Germain from MAC was my perfect shade, and light waves parted to the side finished the look. Wishing everyone a wonderful Wednesday. 

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He Said:
I usually like jumpers, but there are exceptions and this is one. This is one jumper I can do without, I don’t know if it is the print or the fit, but this jumper should never see the light of day again after today. I absolutely love the jacket but not at all here. I can see that jacket with another outfit and it would knock it out of the park, but here, again it is terrible. The only thing I can salvage out of this disaster is her heels. Once again the heels saved the day and we avoided a complete tragedy with this outfit. Sorry to be so negative but there are just too many wrongs here or maybe just not enough rights.

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