Leopard Lust

She Said:

Nothing looks better with monochromatic black and white than animal print. When an item can make you feel stylish, even though it is the most comfortable piece of clothing you own, you know it will be a great day. I feel this way about my leopard scarf. Fashionable pieces like scarves sometimes make an outfit stand out. This oversized scarf draped on a blank canvas can make all the difference, as well as being a trendy print for this season. I found this detailed crochet poncho from H&M on sale for $10.00 a year ago. This is not something I would normally choose but I like how it is my blank canvas where a scarf, necklace or jacket makes it a versatile article of clothing. Leggings or bell bottom jeans would be a great complement to this top. I chose black leggings with lace down the side, because it adds a little texture and is different than just plain black. I have a small collection of Coach shoes, all purchased on sale either at Macy’s or Nordstrom. These leopard sneakers are kept in the box and worn occasionally, but I do love how they add the missing puzzle piece to my outfit. Also, I have to give my dad credit for helping me pick these out. Lastly, I added my satin bow satchel, loving this one from Bebe. It is classically subtle but girlie in all the right ways. It really has been a slow week for me, has it been for anyone else? Still wishing everyone a wonderful Wednesday, and speedy two days until the weekend!

He Said:
Animal print again? I will give her credit that it looks good with the black and white. And I like the scarf as far as animal print goes, but I am not feeling the shoes at all. I just don’t get them. They are sneakers with animal print. Those two things should never have been in the same sentence, unless trash is in the sentence. Overall this outfit is just way to boring for me. The animal print alone is not nearly enough to catch my attention. One good thing I can praise about this outfit is her earrings, the smallest accessory she is wearing, I can’t wait to see them paired with something better.

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