Kick Ass Leather

She Said:
Today I crave vixen-like bold colors and fabrics. It’s Wednesday, the weather is starting to feel more fall-appropriate and the leather pieces are creeping out from the back of the closet. When I wear leather pants I feel like a stunt person that needs to kick ass in an action film taking place in a dark wet alley. I win - and still walk away fully intact, without ruining my skintight pants. These raving zipper ankle pants are from Forever 21, unbelievable I know! I love the fit, and they are great for a date night or work. A burgundy sheer long sleeve blouse was the perfect accent color for a dark scene. I have also worn it here with black. I selected my forever gleaming rhinestone bib necklace, which adds texture and glam to the outfit. I love how a blazer makes all outfits look so sophisticated. This was a perfect black fit and flare jacket from Express, with the shoulder pads adding definition. I stuck with my always trusty LAMB tote. The colors go well and the red and white detail makes it pop. I am still looking for that amazing black bag I can pair with any outfit!  I know I could have worn strappy heels but these boots were calling my name! Leather on leather it is. Jessica Simpson makes beautiful footwear, and these Coffi boots are a great pair to own, walk in and make even leather pants look that much better! Waited to purchase these on sale last year during the day after Christmas sale at Macy’s. I ended up paying around $46.00 for them. That is quiet a steal for her ever so popular shoes! Happy Wednesday all. Do you have any clothing or accessories that make you feel like an animal or a character? Or is it just me?
He Said:
This is my all time favorite outfit ever! I love “almost” everything (except for her necklace but I won’t talk about that again). These are the hottest pants I have ever seen, the zippers at the bottom and the fit; there is nothing negative to say about them. I love the dark reds and deep blacks she paired together today. The jacket goes great and I also really like her bag, which is rare for me. I cannot get over these pants through; they just show off her figure so well. I see more and more women wearing similar pants and I love this trend. They make any figure look amazing. Next to the pants her boots are my second favorite item of this outfit. I am not sure how I feel about them with these pants though. There are some better choices out there as far as footwear goes with pants like this. Nevertheless they still look seductive. 

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